An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language

“Teddie’ commissioned pet portrait.

This quote by Marin Buber, the author of “Ich-Du” (I and Thou) describes the great connection in a moment of time we have with another living being. The eyes are the window to the soul, and when I look into my pet’s eyes, I see so much more than just an animal. I see unconditional love, loyalty, affection, agitation (I do own a cat….) but always what I see is another living being.

Because I am passionate about animal rescue & adoption,I want to build a community where we all connect with other like-minded humans to share experiences, humor and art that celebrates our love of these wondrous creatures who touch our lives. The reason I create art with animals and nature because I believe we have a special connection to all living things on this earth. My art reflects a moment in time, and it is my passion to share this moment with you.

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.  ~Anatole France


I believe

As a painter, I believe an artist doesn’t need to have a formal artistic education to create great works. When I create my art, my soul speaks and this IS art, beautiful, rare and true. I believe that creativity can be learned, and a lot of us don’t find our “talent” until middle-age. 

I believe that everyone gets to make art in our way, using any tools we have on hand. If that’s a camera, a computer, a pad of paper, or even food; we are following our own path to art. We get to be geeky, messy, playful, make mistakes and make beauty. Art is an expression of our inner self, who we’ve always been deep inside, under all of those grown up layers.

I’m a painter, but i wasn’t always.

"People's Choice Award - Photography" Jill Rumley for "Pent-Up"
“People’s Choice Award – Photography” Jill Rumley for “Pent-Up”

I love machines. Anything with buttons and gears. Anything that you can tinker with and connect to things. I became a photographer at the age of 13 and a graphic designer at the age of 30.  I had, and still do have, a great time pushing buttons on the computer and mouse, creating photography and digital art.

And I admit, I’m pretty damn good at it.

then i got bored…

Call it a mid-life crisis. Call it a spiritual quest. I needed more. I needed to turn off all of the noise the connected world was pushing on me. I needed to stop pushing buttons and tapping screens. 



“Peek-a-boo Kitty” 4″x 4″ Mini Pet Portrait

In order to start, you just have to put paint on it. – Jill Rumley

Then I did it….I signed up for my first painting class at the age of 47.  BOOM. 

My world blossomed and my whimsical inner child came out skipping and singing. I painted flowers, cats, dogs, fish, birds, chickens, cows…everything that makes me smile. I used my vast collection of photography as inspiration for my paintings. This is the connection I’ve been looking for. I’m living proof that it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.

Painters & photographers have more in common than you’d think…

Here I am doing a water-color study while my hubby takes photos at Rocky Mountain National Park

An important part of my creative journey is recognizing everything that photography has taught me about art. Creativity is the ability to blend information from different sources in order to come up with something new, known as “conceptual integration.”

For me, being a photographer taught me about composition, lighting, mood, capturing a moment. I’ve always created my photographs in my own unique way.  I am intuitive when taking pictures.  I see it, I snap it, I go. I also paint the same way.

Painting is for me, just a way to extend my photography experience. I’ve taken what I learned from photography and have integrated it into the way I paint.

You can have it all

Today I’ve learned to accept both parts of my creativity and to share this with the world. I admit, reconciling the tech brain with the art brain has been a challenge, but what has emerged is a passion to help you bridge this gap.

While I am always creating art, I am also following my passion to help other artists achieve their dreams through the use of technology. I am a teacher and I have created a process to teach you these skills, in a very “right-brained way.”

CLICK HERE to learn more. 

I hear all of the time that photographers can’t paint and painters are terrible photographers. Phooey! The world is limitless if you just pick up your tool and start. Let’s do this together, it’ll be fun!

Whenever my husband and I are around photographers, we often hear that “a photographer can never be a painter.”  My husband will look at them and say “Have you met my wife?”

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