Can I get real with you for a minute?

Last week, on Mother’s day, I was planning on doing a FB live to talk about my mission to bring awareness to the shame women carry and talk about the experience of missing my mom who passed away in 2012. I recorded my talk a few times, but I just wasn’t satisfied with the way I looked or how I sounded. Then, I started to cry. I reached out to


I’ve been called this many times throughout my life. As a kid, I was encouraged to stand up in front of family & friends and demonstrate my dancing skill. I loved the attention. I loved it so much that I started to get up and “show-off” without being asked. But as I reached adulthood, I realized how childish that need for attention was. I found a way to change my

Hi it’s me, Jill Rumley

Back when I started Jill’s Impressions during the late 90’s dot-com era of start-ups, I saw a need for small business owners (especially women business owners) to have access to affordable web design services. You see, I was a photographer back then and I had a dream of selling my photography on the internet!   So, I learned html coding plus web design — and started on a new journey

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