To be superbly hot, the kind of hot that melts people’s shoes. The kind of hot that makes grills start. The kind of hot that ignites hot pockets to explode in your hand. The kind of hot, that comes from a male or female. (Urban Dictionary)

This word popped into my head today. I don’t think I was ever called “bodacious” when I was younger, but I definitely equate this term to my youth in the 1980’s. 

I want to be bodacious. Don’t you? 

We all know that beautiful people get preferential treatment.  Beautiful people score higher in interviews, have higher salaries and get free beer at the bar. 

Why is this true?

It’s called cognitive bias and is a skill that was developed by early humans as a tool for survival. 

But what does this have to do with being bodacious?

A solo human in the world is dead. At least that was the case in our not-so-distant past. 

Humans need community to survive. Community requires social interaction. Social interaction is easier if the person you’re looking at is attractive and they think you’re attractive too. 

Yep, it boils down to sex. 

Well, reproduction really. 

Every living creature on our planet was born out of sex. Even the plants have sex. The birds & bees, the flowers and the trees….

Evolutionary psychology says that many of the behaviors we have today have been tools for self-preservation throughout human history. Jealousy and competitiveness for sexual partners, competition for mates is still a hot topic and will draw our attention faster than a 20 car pileup on the highway.

Humans crave social interaction to encourage cooperation which increases our chances of survival. It’s why we put up with assholes. That asshole drives my truck of food from California to Colorado. Dammit, I want my strawberries!

So where does that leave us today? In a society where we can actually survive alone? Well, we can’t survive alone, that’s why we have FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter. Because we no longer have a village bon-fire every night where everyone dances naked and fucks all night. (oh wait, that’s college…)

Yes, it’s about sex. And who have the most followers? Celebrities and girls in bikinis. 

How do we change this? 

Well, to be honest, these kinds of changes don’t happen overnight. It’s an evolutionary process and will take thousands of years. 

But I have hope!  Just look at how far society has come in the past 50 years. If we keep going at the pace we are, perhaps it will only take 500 years. 

So what can you do? 

Today, go out of your way to talk to someone you don’t find attractive. 

WHAT!? Yes, I want you to dig deep and when you get that twinge of wanting to turn you back, this is when you go say hello. 

Just say “Hi, how’s your day going?”

That’s it. 

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