Back when I started Jill’s Impressions during the late 90’s dot-com era of start-ups, I saw a need for small business owners (especially women business owners) to have access to affordable web design services.

You see, I was a photographer back then and I had a dream of selling my photography on the internet!  

So, I learned html coding plus web design — and started on a new journey of helping business women get online at a fraction of the cost of hiring a web design company.

🙌 🙌 🙌

During the past 20 years I helped many women entrepreneurs from music teachers and artists to small non-profit organizations.

Through my own experiences of learning to grow my business, I realized that women have more obstacles to growing their businesses than just getting an affordable web presence. I even earned my BA in Industrial & Organizational Psychology to learn how gender roles and different cultures operate in today’s business world.

It’s more than not having confidence; there is a culture of shame around women and girls. And I want to bring awareness to this shame and make a positive change around it.

There is shame around our appearance. There is shame around our sexuality.

We are told that we are the weaker sex…that we are not as intelligent…that we are too emotional. And that we should be ashamed for wanting more than being a wife and mother.

This persistent message is delivered through the talk and the actions of our culture.

And the only way to counter that message is speaking out with my own.

Shame erodes confidence and it’s time we stop shaming each other. In our culture, women’s bodies are viewed with confusion and often with disgust. It’s no wonder that women often don’t feel comfortable in public, much less in our own skin.

My message of bringing awareness to our shame is delivered through my art, my painting, my writing, and my speaking.  

When you buy my art, hear me speak, or read my blog, you are supporting a mission to help women get comfortable talking about our shame and how our society uses it to control us.

The titles of my artwork empower us to start start a conversation around the shame of female sexuality and the imagery of my artwork evokes an emotional response. When I write my Facebook posts or do a live video, I am often talking about my own shame. By showing my vulnerable side, I can reach women all over the world. I imagine a world where shame doesn’t hold us back from our potential. Where we can drop the fear of what others might think and go out and do great things.

Join me today in helping women break through the stereotypes we have lived with for so long.

Let’s get comfortable speaking out about what we want and need to live a happy life.

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