I’ve been called this many times throughout my life. As a kid, I was encouraged to stand up in front of family & friends and demonstrate my dancing skill. I loved the attention. I loved it so much that I started to get up and “show-off” without being asked. But as I reached adulthood, I realized how childish that need for attention was. I found a way to change my

Hi it’s me, Jill Rumley

Back when I started Jill’s Impressions during the late 90’s dot-com era of start-ups, I saw a need for small business owners (especially women business owners) to have access to affordable web design services. You see, I was a photographer back then and I had a dream of selling my photography on the internet!   So, I learned html coding plus web design — and started on a new journey

My pitch to Oprah

I need your feedback, please! I’m working my confidence & getting over my fear of self-promotion by doing a sales pitch of my business to Oprah…LIVE. Watch me go for it and in the comments below, let me know the following:👇👇👇What, if anything, did you find compelling about my pitch? What, if anything, turned you off about my pitch? Would you be tempted to buy what I’m pitching after listening

Call me “Nana”

Shortly after turning 50 and coming home from my dream vacation in Italy, I got a phone call from my son. “I have something to tell you…” he says. “Steph’s pregnant.” 👶 😱 🤯 As if turning 50 wasn’t uncomfortable enough, now I hear that my son is having a child with a woman he’s known for less than 3 months — and I’m going to be a GRANDMOTHER. Dear

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