A most Uncomfortable subject.

When you see my art, you may find some of my paintings cute, warm and fuzzy; quite literally. These paintings are innocent.

When you see them, you may feel safe, loved, and delighted. I know that I do, and that’s why I paint them.

Because sometimes we all desire to surround ourselves with beauty and to feel safe. And it’s important to be happy! I like being happy.

(Eye opening experience Video)

I’ve been terrified to paint my emotions for fear of being shamed at bearing my soul.

You see, my shame makes me uncomfortable pushing the boundaries my mom set forth in me as a child.

I’m horrified that I will create art that offend someone; and that they would shame me for opening my soul to them.

Can you think of a time, as an adult, where you struggled with the values your parents instilled in you as a child?

HOW we might do something different? Let’s turn shame into hope – by channeling it into education, art and awareness.

When you support my Art, YOU are

Sending a message to women & girls

Saying it’s okay…
To express yourself
To be happy
To be sexual
To be vulnerable
To be scared
To be angry.

Shame causes deep emotional damage. And our society is creating a message to our women that we view the female body with disdain and disgust.

Our Society trivializes female sexuality,

Many women don’t even realize this is happening to them.

My mission is to help us all get comfortable with being uncomfortable. What does this mean? It means….

Learn not to self-judge
Be kind to yourself
Be comfortable with being happy
Infusing your life with forgiveness & kindness

My art shows you what surviving shame looks like.

It starts with us, the women:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

This is me at my rawest, my vulnerable self.

Please be kind, but also be honest. I want you to explore this journey with me. I want you to understand what it’s like to be humiliated, touched, treated like you’re less than others simply because you are female.

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