Urban life has always been relished by Impressionist artist. Monet, Renoir, Callebotte were the Impressionist artists who brought Paris to life for us in an artistic style movement that transformed western art forever. No longer were these artists painting a subject, they were creating a picture of everyday life in an urban setting, picnics, people coming and going to work, sitting in cafes; you know, stuff we still do today!

In today’s world, most of us live in either a suburban or urban city. The city streets, shops, restaurants, cars, noise and grime is the landscape of human habitation, and like the world of the first Impressionists in Paris, our animal companions are with us in out everyday life. 

There is a popular trend to bring our animal companions with us everywhere we go. Of course we do! We love our fur-babies and don’t want to leave them at home, all alone, and chewing our couches up.  However, our pets are not always suited for traveling with us to every location we visit. Often, we end up leaving our pets in cars, tied to handrails or tables. 

My art captures the mood of these urban scenes where our animal companions are with us, but not included. I look into the scene with an eye of someone who loves animals, and can appreciate the desire of humans to bring them along everywhere, but are forced to tie them up outside while they wait for us patiently while we do our “human” things inside. 

When I see this I have a deep emotional connection to the animal. The love and patience that each has while waiting touches me deeply. This is the purpose of this painting series. To capture the juxtaposition of animal companions existing in a very human environment; the city.

This series is an ongoing painting project for me.

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