Do you Journal? What is your favorite way to journal? I’ve just started my 12-week journey with “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron with a good friend of mine (& Artist) Lisa L. and one of the core parts of the “way” involves journalling (more on this in a bit).

The book was recommended to me by another good friend and artist Louise Kittel who is an artist and an art therapy teacher.

I just finished reading the introduction and I am already in love with this book and with Julia’s philosophy. Julia talks about the importance of “Daily Pages” (aka journaling) to clear the mind of clutter and to break through all of the tough shit you don’t want to face. Her technique of journaling is not entirely new to me, but there are some key specific differences.

The Daily Pages are a *free write* or *stream of consciousness* writing. She recommends to do it first thing in the morning, and it has to be 3 full handwritten pages. I am not talking about cute-sized-mini-journal pages, Julia insists they be full 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper. 

That’s is about 30 minutes of hard-core brain dumping every single morning. 

I admit, I was skeptical that I could possibly have THAT much to write… ha!

The philosophy behind the full 3 pages are so you have the opportunity to get the “light” stuff out of the way so you can go deeper into your subconscious. 

I’ve been journaling *almost* daily for the past 18 months. I write one page in my beautiful, expensive fancy-pantsy journal (photo above). Just now, I glanced back at some of my journal entries, and yep, it’s mostly fluff. 

Since I’m now faced with going through so much paper, I hit the Dollar Tree store to stock up on $1 spiral notebooks!

Granted, I couldn’t just go with an old plain Jane notebook, I had to buy stickers!!

(I am a major sticker nut!)

Let’s play a game! 

If you own a journal, snap a pic of the cover and post it below! And don’t worry if yours is plain-jane, maybe you’ll find some inspiration to visit the Dollar Tree this weekend and sticker-it-up!

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