Letter Girl in a marching band

Back in high school, it was my dream to be on the Varsity Pom Pom Squad. 📣

I wanted to be popular and liked by everyone. Who doesn’t?


I had YEARS of experience as a cheerleader from junior high and pop warner PLUS  over a decade of dance lessons (I started when I was 4). So, I figured my chances were pretty good.


But to get on the Varsity Squad, you had to be voted in by the graduating senior squad members.  The fliers in the hall said that you had to have some dancing skills — but in reality, you had to be friends with the current squad.

I worked hard on my routine every day after school, and my friend and I rocked the try outs. Or so we thought.

On Monday morning, when they posted who made the squad, my name wasn’t on the list. And neither was my friend’s.

AND they had only chosen 7 girls for the squad instead of the usual 8.

What? Why is that?  🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

I ran to the Cheer Advisor who told me that “they” decided to only have 7 on the pom squad this year because the 8th place scored too low to be considered.

And guess who came in 8th… You guessed it. Me.  

Needless to say, I was terribly heartbroken. My parents even petitioned the Principal on my behalf because they felt I was being bullied by the outgoing seniors.

Unfortunately, the number of squad members was at the discretion of the Cheer Advisor, who evidently heard some bad things about my character from the graduating seniors.

I felt like a complete failure. 😭

However, there were still a few weeks of school left and I heard that the marching band was holding tryouts for the “Lettergirl” Team.

This was my moment. 🙌

I went to the tryouts and killed it! They made me the head Lettergirl in charge of choreographing all of the routines.

What emerged from this experience for me was understanding that sometimes even the most qualified people don’t get the job.

There are bullies in the world who would love nothing more than to see you fail.

Even the most loving parents can’t always protect you.

Failure is an opportunity to pivot, to take a shitty situation and own it. To go out and still follow your dreams. To hold your head high and say “I got this!”

Can you relate? Tell me “I GOT THIS!” in the comments below

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